A babysitter for your plants

flower pro connected wlan und app

Smart Home of flower

At hûs+, we exploit the potential of intelligent networking between people and their environment.

flower, as our first product series, stands for the intelligent symbiosis between man and nature.

Find the right babysitter for your plants on amazon

It's easy to get a digital green thumb

Your benefits at a glance


One time setup​

Select plant in the app – leave the rest to us

Energy efficient

Ultra Low Power function ensures maximum battery life

Easy to use

Pouring on notification, that’s it


flowersmart & flowerpro


Real-time notifications through WLAN communication

Patented design

Innovative design simplifies installation

Transparent costs

No subscription, no hidden costs. Available for free for Android and iOS

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Not just green but also sustainable

A sturdy glass case, packaging made from renewable raw materials, and a 10-year battery included, support sustainability and make flower eco a resource-saving product.

We believe that every small step towards sustainability can make a big difference. That’s why we work to continuously improve our packaging and promote more environmentally friendly alternatives.

By committing to packaging made from renewable raw materials, we not only want to offer our customers high-quality products, but also create a sustainable future and inspire other companies to take similar steps.